Success Stories

EE - NCADD (Northern Corridor Analog & Digital Design) Program

51 fresh engineers have been trained for 18 months specializing in digital and analog IC design. All trainees obtained jobs in IC design companies (mainly Intel) after program completion. Majority of them also obtained Master degrees.

EE - Job Camp Program

Hundreds of fresh engineers have been trained in MSC Malaysia Job Camp program since 2008. Graduates from the training have been hired by multinational companies including Agilent, Altera, Intel, Motorola, Silterra, etc.

EE & Telco - Extended HCD-STI Program

143 fresh graduates have been trained and attached to industry for one year funded by MOSTI (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) through TPM (Technology Park Malaysia). Participating companies include Agilent, Altera, Huawei, Intel, Motorola, and SMEs.

Telco - Huawei Telecommunication Job Camp Program and Huawei Scholastic Awards

About 100 trainees are trained every year under 25-day MSC Malaysia Job Camp program in Huawei Telecommunication Engineering. Candidates receive Huawei Scholastic Awards in cash. Selected candidates are also sponsored an educational trip to Shenzhen, Huawei's headquarter.

In the news

Assessing the best talent (The Star, 5 Sept 2010)

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Life Sciences - Agilent BIDP (Bio Analytical Industry Development Program)

34 participants completed an intensive 4-month training under Agilent Bio-analytical Industrial Development Program funded by TalentCorp, targetted to develop talents in biotechnology domain. The participants are then undergoing 20-month industrial attachment with companies including Agilent, Chemical Company of Malaysia Bhd, National Institutes of Biotechnology Malaysia, Jabatan Kimia Malaysia, etc. to perform R&D work.

In the news

Govt-industry pact on track for biotech skills development (Digital News Asia, 23 Aug 2012)

O&G - TeSSDE (Technology Specialist in Specific Domain Expertise) Program

Under 1-year TeSSDE (Technology Specialist In Specific Domain Expertise) program, 86 participants have been trained in Oil and Gas areas and hosted by oil & gas companies including Petra Energy, MMHE, and Sedia Teguh.