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IC Product Development Engineering

Modules & Sub Modules

Training Days

M1: VLSI Overview

  • IC fabrication process
  • PC Platform and PC Architecture Overview

1 day

M2: Semiconductor Physics for Engineers

  • Intrinsic semiconductor
  • Extrinsic semiconductor
  • Carriers Diffusion
  • Carriers Diffusion and Currents
  • Carrier Generation and Recombination
  • Carrier Direct Recombination
  • Carrier indirect Recombination
  • Continuity Equation
  • Continuity Equation for Uniform Photogeneration
  • Steady State Continuity Equation
  • Semiconductor Devices

2 days

M3: Basic High Speed Signal Integrity and Hardware Design Consideration

  • Digital Communication Signals

o   High Speed I/O: PCI Express, FibreChannel, SATA, USB, DDR

o   Data formats and applications in digital communications: RZ and NRZ signals, Bipolar, Alternate Mark Inversion (AMI), Manchester Coding, Duo-binary coding, HDB, B8ZS, 2B1Q, 8B/10B

o   Types of test patterns: PRBS, CJPAT, CRPAT

o   Eye Diagram

o   Detection-Error Probability: BER and Probability Theory

o   Pre-emphasis and equalization Measurement Demonstration

  • Signal Distortion Mechanisms on High Speed Digital I/O

o   Transmission line effects

o   Impedance mismatch

o   Signal attenuation

o   Crosstalk

o   Simultaneous switching output

o   Reflections/ground bounce

o   Interference: Deterministic Interference, Data Dependent Interference, Inter-Symbol Interference, Periodic Interference, Asynchronous Periodic Interference

o   Jitter: Deterministic Jitter, Data Dependent Jitter, Periodic Jitter, Asynchronous Periodic Jitter, Sub-rate Jitter, Random Jitter

o   Random Noise: Shot Noise, Flicker Noise, Thermal/Johnson/Nyquist Noise, White Gaussian Noise

o   Pulse distortion: Ringing, Overshooting, Damping Measurement Demonstration

2 days

M4: Basic Testing Methodology

  • High level test development process
  • Equipment on a high level
  • Diving into the ATE hardware
  • Digital Test Techniques and Basics
  • Offline demo on AdvanTest T2000 system software

2 days

M5: Wafer Test and Yield Analysis

  • In-line parametric test
  • Wafer sort
  • Yield analysis
  • Wafer sort yield models
  • In-line parametric test

2 days

M6: Microsoft Excel

  • Conditional Formatting
  • Function
  • Managing data in list
  • List management
  • Presenting data in charts
  • Pivot Table
  • Automating Tasks

3 days

M7: C++ Programming for Engineers

  • Introduction
  • Using Standard C from C++
  • Namespaces
  • Objects
  • Making code C/C++ compatible
  • Data-Structures & Algorithms
  • Overloads
  • Templates
  • Myths of C++
  • Introducing Boost

4 days

M8: Perl Programming

  • Perl Basics
  • Variables in Perl
  • Control Structures
  • Perl Function

4 days