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Manufacturing Process Technology - Electronic System

Modules & Sub Modules

Training Days

M1: Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement

  • Measurement Fundamentals
  • Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Quality of Measurement
  • Digital Multimeter
  • DC Power Supply
  • Data Acquisition & Control
  • Measurement Setup
  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • Instrument Control and Connectivity

3 days

M2: Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Mechanical Design

  • Fundamental rules of dimensioning in engineering drawings
  • General tolerancing principles and related principles
  • GD&T and conventional dimensioning comparison
  • GD&T modifiers and symbols
  • Rule #1 and Rule #2
  • Basic dimensions, virtual condition, inner & outer boundary, worst-case boundary, and bonus tolerance
  • Form Controls: flatness, straightness, circularity, and cylindricity
  • Datums: planar datum system and datum targets
  • Orientation Controls: perpendicularity, angularity, parallelism
  • Profile Controls: profile of a line and profile of a surface
  • Runout Controls: circular runout and total runout
  • Location Controls: concentricity, symmetry and position
  • Tolerance of Position Controls: MMC, LMC, and RFS basic theories and applications

2 days

M3: Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)

  • Design for manufacture
  • Part design for low cost manufacture 
  • Design for assembly methodology
  • Process capability Cp, Cpk, DPU
  • Tolerancing
  • Applying DFMA to company specific products and assemblies

2 days

M4: Tolerance Analysis for Product Development

  • Basic Statistics Overview
  • Types of Data Distributions
    Introduction to Tolerance Analysis
  • Why Tolerance Analysis is Needed
  • When Tolerance Analysis Should be Performed: CDOV
    10 Step by Step Tolerance Analysis
    Introduction to Process Capability Studies
  • Correlate the Design Tolerances and Process Capability
  • Practical Industry Application Examples

2 days

M5: Essentials of Design of Experiments (DOE)

  • Introduction to Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Planning a Design of Experiment
  • Design DOE test matrix and analysis of 2k full factorial experiments
  • Simple linear regression
  • Analysis of full factorial experiments
  • Introduction to screening experiments and fractional factorial designs
  • 9 Steps hands-on DOE workshop

2 days

M6: Fundamentals of Carton Box Packaging

  • Paper Packaging and its Functionality
  • Carton Codes and Certifications
  • Reliability Tests and Interpretations
  • Carton Manufacturing Process
  • Supplementary Packaging Materials and Their Functionality
  • Packaging Designing
  • Factors Influencing the Packaging Design
  • Case Studies: Packaging Specifications and Drawings

2 days

M7: Essentials of Plastic Injection Moulding Technology

  • Introduction of plastic injection moulding
    Overview of plastic materials
  • Product design
  • Moulding process
  • Injection mould
  • Injection moulding machine

2 days