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IP Convergence Technology Methodology and Implementation (Optical Network Professionals)





Method of delivery

The participants are first introduced to the ICT & telecommunication industry, major vendors, latest trends of technologies & products. The participants will then be taught with the fundamental knowledge required to work in the today ICT/telco industry. This is followed with hands-on exercises and practices to equip the participants with the necessary practical engineering skill sets. These fundamental practical trainings will lay the solid foundation for the participants to undertake more advanced and specialized product trainings upon joining the industry as a networking professional in various job functions.

Hardware & Software Tools Used

  • Laptops (Windows/Linux)
  • PC-based network protocol analyzer software (WireShark)
  • Consumables such as LAN cables, fiber cables, connectors, patch cords, adaptors, etc
  • Data Communication Network Equipment (Routers, LAN switches, Firewall)
  • Optical Communication Network Equipment (if applicable)


Learning Outcome

1.    To expose the participants to the Network convergence industry and job functions available, include:

·         Network Design

·         Network Optimization

·         Installation & Commissioning

·         System Configuration

·         Operation & Maintenance

·         Project management


2.    To equip participants with fundamental knowledge and practical skills to work in IP convergence technology area for data networking professionals. These include::

·         TCP/IP Data Networking (fundamental to all)

·         Fiber Optic Engineering (Concepts & Testing)


3.    To equip participants with practical skills and field exposure of the IP convergence industry.



Modules & Sub Modules

Part 1 : Soft Skills

  • Refer to the common soft skill curriculum for details

Part 2 : Technical  Essential

M1 : Communication and converge Technologies overview 

·         Basic concepts in communication technologies

·         Overview on IP Convergence industry

M2 : Networking and Data Communication

  • Certified DataComm Associate Program

M3 : Practical Fiber Optic Engineering for Transmission Network

Part 3 : Company specific customized modules

Modules to be designed specifically for the host companies.