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Wafer Fabrication Process and Metrology

Modules & Sub Modules

Training Days

M1: The History and Future of Semiconductor Industry

  • Appreciate the history of transistor and its limitation
  • Planar technology and integrated circuits
  • Evolution of IC especially microprocessors
  • Moore’s law and ITRS
  • Scaling down technology
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Non-conventional silicon

1 day

M2: Practical Cleanroom Technology: Design, Control, Maintenance, and Practice

  • Introduction to cleanroom 
  • Cleanroom Standards
  • Cleanroom Designs and Construction
  • Cleanroom Control and Monitoring
  • Cleanroom Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Cleanroom Standard Practice
  • Cleanroom Operation Safety

2 days

M3: Semiconductor Devices and Material

  • Review of material physical and electrical properties
  • Fundamental concepts of semiconductors
  • Basic semiconductor device structures and designs
  • Practical device design issues and considerations

2 days

M4: Semiconductor Device Processing and Manufacturing

  • Wafer fabrication technology in various processing area
  • Processing affects yield and parametric test
  • Common problem associated with wafer fabrication and its impact on yield

3 days

M5: Process Control and Improvement

  • Statistical process control (SPC) concepts
  • Choices of SPC control charts for variable and attribute data
  • Data collection schemes for SPC control charts
  • Real-time process monitoring using SPC control charts
  • Process stability and its various states
  • Process capability and comparison to natural tolerance limit
  • Actions for improving process stability and process capability

2 days

M6: Fundamental of IC package technology and design

  • Overview of IC Packaging
  • Package Physical Design & Considerations
  • Package Electrical Design & Considerations
  • Package Mechanical Design & Considerations
  • Summary of IC Package Design Challenges

3 days

M7: Wafer Test and Yield Analysis

  • Semiconductor process characterization
  • In-line test methodology
  • Yield models
  • Process contribution to yield loss
  • Defect density
  • Defect statistics for predicting yield

2 days

M8: Metrology Technology

  • Metrology for product yield enhancement
  • The metrology tool resolution, limits and failure mode
  • Various microscopic techniques
  • Various spectroscopic techniques
  • Various electrical probe techniques

2 days

M9: Failure Mechanism in Semiconductor Devices

  • Reliability models for the failure mechanism
  • Why failure occur
  • How to detect the various failure modes
  • The mechanisms underlying each failure mode
  • Failure analysis tools to investigate the failure mechanisms

3 days